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Backstabber Lures featured in In-Fisherman Magazine


Backstabber Lures, along with Reaction Strike and Castaic Swimbaits, were featured recently in In-Fisherman Magazine.

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2012 Backstabber Lures Commercial

WFN Reviews the Backstabber

For months now I have been telling the WFN readers about this amazing lure. Since I began telling you about it, the lure has been featured in Bassmaster Magazine, Bassin' Magazine and others. Keith Ray has been working hard showing folks his innovative redesign of crankbaits that make them virtually weedless.

The lure has been featured on a few TV shows since it's debut at the 2010 Classic Expo, and has gained momentum in the industry. Not bad for a small Florence Alabama (Which is currently in the Top 20 Ultimate Fishing Town) company that started from a fisherman's dream. It has been fun and exciting following the lures success over the last year and seeing and reading other outdoor writers comments concerning this lure. Not only for bass but expanding into saltwater fishing, the Backstabber lure has endless possibilities.

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March 25, 2011


If you read as many bass fishing magazines as I do I would bet you have seen and read about the �Stabber� line of crankbaits from Back Stabber Lures?  Bassin� ranked it number 1 in their list of �Best New Lures for 2011�.  It also made the Bassmaster magazine in their list of new 2011 lures.
To be honest even though I have read about it I have been skeptical about the lure.  What makes the lure different and innovative is that the belly hook that�s on most crankbaits is moved to the back of lure.  There are also swivels built into the lure so the bait spins giving you a better hook up ratio.
I have been skeptical as I said; I watched �Fishing University� today and they used the lure.  It got my attention.  I like to see a lure worked before I am sold.  I did not see it firsthand but what I saw on Fishing University has made me want to get my hands on one.  The second I do I will be writing a review.  If you want more info on the �Stabber� check out their website:


Article that appeared in Marsh and Bayou Magazine about our lures.

(February 2011 - pg. 38)

Article that appeared in B.A.S.S. Times Magazine about our lures.

(February 2011 - pg. 30)

We were chosen the #1 Lure for 2011 in Bassin' Magazine

 (Winter 2011 edition)

Bass Master Magazine

We were chosen as one of the Top 45 lures for the 2011 fishing season by Bass Master Magazine.


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Brent Crow's "Blog" on the Backstabber and Lake Guntersville.




Posted On February 26, 2011

From the 2011 Bass Master Classic - Article and Photos.





Dave & I spent the last 5 days in Raleigh NC at the Henry's Dealer & Manufacture Show. We purchased many items for the shop, some old faithful and some new baits.


The coolest bait of the show was Back Stabber Lures. A crankbait is a crankbait, right????

Well not any longer, Keith Ray is the owner of Back Stabber Lures and he sat down with me and went into detail about his baits. All of his baits feature a hook on the back of the lure that rotates 360 degrees on a swivel that runs down into the middle of the bait. The rear hook also rotates, not allowing the fish to use the bait as leverage to throw it. He offers these baits in shallow, med & deep crankbaits. As well as 1/2oz & 3/4oz lipless crankbaits. The Shore Store at Anna Point Marina will have the entire line of Back Stabber lures in stock soon, with the exception of the 3/4oz lipless bait. Go to and check them out for yourself.

The Backstabber Lures Booth is very impressive and their staff is very cordial and knowledgeable as they explained the details of their innovative new design that will revolutionize Crankbait Fishing!! Read more...


Angling Fish

If you do much fishing, you've probably run across crankbaits and may even own a few. However, no matter what brand you may be partial to, there's one thing you have to admit, crankbaits are basically the same no matter who makes them-- UNTIL now.

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The Backstabber Lure : A New Concept in Crankbaits

Are you looking for a weedless crankbait? Yes there is now such a lure on the market. Keith Ray at Backstabber Lures and his pro staff have designed what this angler believes to be one of the best lures ever. The answer to some of the most troublesome crankbait issues is now here. I know this lure will be the number one lure for 2011. When I first saw this lure, I immediately contacted Keith to find out more about the lure and his company so that I could share this new product with WFN...

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We had some time on Friday to walk around the Forrest Wood Cup Outdoor Expo and talk with some manufacturers we hadn't visited out at ICAST or that weren't there. One of those companies that we saw but just didn't have time to make it to their booth at ICAST was Backstabber Lures. They feature a line of crankbaits that have hooks on their backs instead of on their bellies. The interesting part of the baits we found was that the hooks actually swivel at the connection. The baits also feature a heavy weight transfer system. The feel like they can be thrown a mile.

They offer the crankbait in a few sizes as well as a lipless version. Check the bait out here and let us know what you think.


October 6, 2010

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"Backstabber." It's not the sort of label you'd want to hang on yourself, so you have to figure the folks at Backstabber Lures had a pretty good reason for that choice.

Turns out they did. Defying convention, the front treble on each Backstabber crankbait is
attached to the lure's back, not its belly. So when a bass chomps down, it gets a top lip full of hooks. Plus, when you're bouncing the bait off rocks or timber, you're less likely to get hung up.

Both the front and back trebles
rotate 360 degrees
, denying a fish the means to twist off the hook. Of course, you better hook a few nice bass yourself to test the theory.

Watch a video to see for yourself
how a Backstabber works.

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